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Pathfinder is an independent private equity sponsor founded in March 2011. The primary focus of Pathfinder is to invest in underperforming businesses that have an opportunity to increase EBITDA two to three times within three to five years. Typical purchase prices are between $3 million and $50 million, with annual sales between $10 million and $150 million. In each investment, our objective is to first stabilize the business, then aggressively drive growth.

Each of the principals at Pathfinder has a proven track record of investing in, restructuring, and growing businesses. We regularly tackle the most complex and difficult situations – ones that most others avoid - and create value in the process. The key to our success lies in a proactive, hands-on approach with continual support provided to each portfolio investment. During the first few months following a transaction, the Principals will work on a day-to-day basis with management to effect the transformation necessary to unlock value. Subsequently, we will actively monitor and support each investment, and provide interim management as necessary. Unlike most private equity firms, we are not merely investors in our portfolio companies – we are owner-operators.

We weave relationships with executives and high net worth individuals, family offices, private investors and private equity firms with whom we partner to make acquisitions. We are generalists and have worked in or invested in services, distribution, and manufacturing businesses in the lower middle market. Our investment interests are not limited to our own direct experience, as our extensive network gives us the capability to quickly assess companies in industries outside our usual purview.

In addition to investing in underperforming businesses, Pathfinder also provides interim management, and operations and financial advisory services for underperforming businesses. Please see the section on Interim Management & Advisory Services for more information.

$10 to $150 million in sales
Transaction values of $3 to $50 million
Equity investments of $1 to $10 million
Ability to double or triple EBITDA/profitability in 3 to 5 years
Industries: services, distribution, manufacturing, and others on an opportunistic basis
Marginal & underperforming
Divestitures & family succession challenges
Industries in transition
Consolidation plays
Special situations
Debt restructurings

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